• The students should report to the school after leave/vacation by due date. Defaulters will be fined Rs. 200/per day to ensure punctuality. A minimum of 75% attendance is mandatory as per CBSE rules.
  • The Students should come to the school regularly in uniform & maintain a high standard of discipline.
  • School will not be liable to compensate any claim arising through illness, accident or any other cause.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school campus without the permission of the school authorities. Defaulters will do so at parents' risk. Despite having tight security at the school gate and all round wall/fancing, if any student runs away, the school will not be responsible. Parents will be informed and an FIR in the local police station may be lodged if so desired by the parents.
  • The school does not accept any responsibility for accidents or any loss of property, although proper care is taken to prevent such happenings. Students should take care of their personal belongings. Students are not allowed to possess any Expensive items: Shoes, Jewellery, Electronics, Gadgets, Watches, Mobiles, MP3 Players, Memory Card etc.
  • Students will have to participate in each and every activity of the school including tours, treks, excursion etc.
  • Immorality, grave insubordination, bragging, stealing, contempt of authority or breaking bounds is sufficient reason for immediate withdrawal from the school.
  • The decision of the Director/ Principal shall be final and binding on the parents/ guardians/ students incase of any dispute.
  • The parents and guardians will be bound by the school rules and regulations as amended from time to time.
  • A student can be withdrawn from the school at the parent's request at the end of an academic session. If a student is withdrawn by the parents during the session, the hostel, tuition, admission & annual fees paid will not be refunded. The withdrawal of a student will be granted only on submission of a written application to the Principal one month prior to the withdrawal. No Dues Certificate obtained from various sections of the School will be required for the issue of Transfer Certificate.
  • Payment of Fees : Fine of Rs. 50/- per day on outstanding fee balance will be imposed.
  • All dues are to be paid before 31st Jan. Defaulters will be sent home for fee collection at the risk and expense of the parents.
  • Legal disputes, if any, will be under the Jurisdiction of appropriate courts in SIKAR District.

Withdrawals may be ordered by the Principal due to

  • Non-payment of outstanding dues beyond three months.
  • Absence without leave for more than 15 days.
  • Violating the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Ragging students or bullying anybody on the campus.
  • Damaging school property directly or indirectly.
  • On grounds of gross indiscipline or misconduct or any other reason considered detrimental to the growth, discipline or good image of the school.
  • Consumption of alcohol, drugs and tobacco products shall warrant immediate suspension/expulsion from the school.